infosyon - Friday, 23. August 2019
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What should be considered when using a system constellation in the special field of organisations

  • Working with organisational constellations (OC) needs broad professional and personal competence.
    Experience shows that working with OC is a multi-layered, demanding, sensitive terrain. It is necessary to master the 'tools' of constellations, as well as having a substantial theoretical and practical knowledge of the work with organisations, often also in specific fields. Furthermore, a systemic-constructivist working model, combined with being autonomous, having integrity and a responsible personality is needed. According to these requirements, infosyon has developed quality standards for constellations, facilitators dealing with constellations and for advanced training.

  • Working with OC in organisations needs approaches and working procedures which are understandable.

    • OC have developed an independent methodical identity. While OC was first introduced as a type of family constellations, it has now – as it is used in organisations and working contexts – developed an independent identity.  It is important to be well connected with the organisational world, - concerning content, competence, language and procedures.

    • 'Constellations' in a broader sense.
      We see  'system constellations' as an umbrella term  for a broader spectrum of  spatially staged methods, from simple analogue  designs to working with representational consciousness with an attending team; in associated and dissociated forms; with symbols and people as representatives.

    • OC is seen as one of several consulting and management tools; with the ability to be combined with others.
      From the very beginning, infosyon was interested in a dialogue with other organisational methods. Experience has confirmed this view: The most successful way of using OC is to understand its position as being complementary to the well-known instruments, as a small but highly efficient tool.

    • OC develops a more and more field-specific character.
      Experts from different disciplines, such as OD, strategy, marketing, advertisement, project management, HR etc. have developed special 'formats'  for each 'Professional Field'.  These connect strongly to the established instruments in terms of language and content.

    • OC is integrated in the process.
      This is also a best-practise experience: When OC is integrated in current processes, this fact increases the chance, that information generated during the constellation leads to concrete consequences.  This in turn puts OC more INTO the company: to the management, teams, departments, trainings and learning groups. The generated insights are processed iteratively and integrated in the continuing process.