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System Constellations

The method of system constellations is a visualising procedure.  A special way to visualise dynamics and patterns of structures in an organisation.  A well-known early method is the so called 'role play'. The method became known to a broader community in the 1990's, called 'family constellation' and closely connected to the name Bert Hellinger.

Since 2000, it achieves increasing resonance under the description of 'organisational constellations'.
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System constellations which work with representative consciousness have had a comparatively speedy and partially controversial development.

Organisations soon recognised the huge potential of the new method. And, fortunately, it could develop an own independent methodical identity, besides the ideological discussions.
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Accordingly, organisational specific procedures are being continuously developed and more and more specialised to cater to the different areas of implementation (professional fields) in organisations.

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