Characteristics of good constellations

For facilitating a system constellation in the field of organisations the following points are, according to our experience, necessary:

  • Thinking in a systemic-constructivist approach

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge about the work in and with organisations

  • Profound knowledge of the theoretical and methodical basics of constellation work

  • Process focused working method, following the shown phenomena

  • Strong fine sensory perception and intuition

  • Developing a clear contract, an appropriate setting and the implementation in current processes

  • Making sense and the useful pacing of findings arising from the constellation according to the contract and to the client's goals

  • Personal integrity and autonomy; an attitude of "impartiality" and appreciation

  • The ability to detach oneself from own intentions and visions

  • Clarity towards the client concerning the possibilities and limitations of constellations

(Text: B. Sachs-Schaffer)



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