Characteristics of good Advanced Training

  • Participants are required to meet certain requirements

    • Well-grounded professional education and a number of years of experience in the organisational field, either as an executive or as a consultant

    • Beneficial: Training in similar fields, such as management consultancy, psychology or psychotherapy, of OD/HR, coaching, supervision, mediation

    • A systemic model of thinking and behavior

  • Leader of training / staff fulfill high professional and didactic requirements (>>infosyon Master-Trainer)

  • Clear focus on organisations

  • Broad spectrum of contents

    • Profound tool-set for systemic constellations
    • Theoretical background for organisations, systems and management
    • Various settings and formats which have been developed especially for organisations
    • Accepted, process integrated working methods and interventions, having regard to goals and context conditions
    • Professional attitude for successful process facilitation

  • Appropriate duration: at least 18 days, according to infosyon standards

  • High percentage of exercises and practice

  • Continuity of leader

(Text: B. Sachs-Schaffer)



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