Newsletter October 2013

Dear Members and friends of infosyon,

With fresh wind, new ideas and inspiration from our new board members Silke Hillebrand and Nice Lazpita we would like to give you the latest update on the developments and plans for the project groups of infosyon.

We would also like to welcome 10 new members from 7 countries to our community. It is wonderful to experience the national international and growth.

  • Adrian Franco Zevada - Mexico
  • Marein Orre - Germany
  • Romy Gerhard - Switzerland
  • Jürgen Rippel - Germany
  • Tao Wang - China
  • Eduardo Tartaglini - Argentina
  • Peter Schwarzenbacher - Austria
  • Laura Pastorini - Uruguay
  • Dr. Werner Ebert - Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ - Germany

News - Research, Development and Transfer

First meeting of German speaking project group research, development and transfer December 13, 2013 at University of Applied Sciences at Ansbach, Germany

As mentioned in out last infosyon news, the project group research, development and transfer is pleased to announce its founding meeting on 13 December, 2013 at University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach.
Thanks and credits to our new infosyon member Jürgen Rippel from University of Ansbach, who offered to host the founding meeting in the creative and yet academic environment of Ansbach University. Focus of the meeting will be goal setting and the definition of roles as it will be an active working group. Language will be German as we plan to integrate existing case studies and academic thesis in order to meet scientific criteria.

The overall goal is to enhance the acceptance of systemic constellations as valuable consulting tool in business contexts, it‘s business connectivity and to unlock new areas of application in the field of research and teaching. Link to article >>

News Growing Globally – infosyon network

As a central step of our Growing Globally project and with the philosophy of doing it glocally and in co creation, we are activating the infosyon network, a new space of connection, practice and interchange of organizational constellations with the global systemic work community; both physical and virtual.

Our aim is:

  • Growing from distributed local activities connecting them in a global base
  • Connecting, interchanging and learning together with other systemic approaches
  • Going a step further from organizational constellations (the tool) opening the focus to systemic work applications and its implementation in organizational and social reality
  • Doing it in a collaborative way, promoting co-creation and P2P

We want to do it embedded in a collaborative real work glocal process that will start in February 2014 with local conferences and converge in a global conference around May 2015.

For this activation we need local node initiators that promote and host local activities and connect them globally. We will soon ask for your help.

To be continued ...



News - Quality Team

Aristotle, as one of the most influential philosophers, once gave a wonderful remark on quality:

 "A joyful mind will yield masterful results."

The new quality team of infosyon, consisting of four members, has been working together over the last few months and we are pleased that the area of quality has an important position in the world of systemic constellations. We are happily working on improving the quality standards, to simplify the formalities and at the same time, to clearly position the widely acknowledged qualifications. In the future there will be a difference made if someone has attended an infosyon certified training, or not. The process of certification will be made significantly easier for people who have taken part in an infosyon certified training.

New in 2014:

  • Minimal formalities for applicants, who have successfully completed training with an infosyon certified trainer with an infosyon curriculum.
  • Simplified personal questionnaire
  • No recertification as a Professional for Master Trainers who have recertified as Master Trainers

You will find all other changes and the latest news
from the Quatlity Team here >>
Internal Rules of Procedure QT -

We are happy to announce the following members who have been successfully certified as

infosyon Professionals:

  • Karl-Friedrich Berger
  • Sandra Kiefer

Recertified Professionals:

  • Eelco de Geus
  • Judith Rupp   

Certified Master Trainers:

  • Alison Diniz

  • Daniel Polack
  • Bertha Velasco Sixto

Furthermore the following Curricula have been successfully certified:

  • Cornelia Benesch-Bonenkamp
  • Luis Mourey

Congratulations to our newly certified members! We share your joy of the successful certification and wish you much success in the responsible use of the systemic method.

infosyon Events

13. December 2013, 10:00 - 17:00 University of Ansbach/Germany:
Kick-off of the infosyon Project group Research, Development and Transfer

14. - 15. November 2014, University of Bremen/Germany:
infosyon – Research,  Development & Transfer Conference 2014

3. - 5. October 2014, Parkhotel Brunauer, Salzburg/Austria:
ÖfS Conference 2014 in cooperation mit infosyon
Family Business - Business Family

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infosyon Network Events

7. - 9. March 2014, Ciudad de México:
Vllth International Congress "Encounters and Connections – Innovating our Family and Organizational Systems"
There will be simultaneous translation from English and German - more information here >>

2. - 9. November 2014 in Uruguay:
VI IOCTI organised by Focosystemico - more information here >>


Service for our members!

Please don’t forget that we are very happy to publish your news of events in our newsletter or on our facebook page. Just send your information to Kerstin at the office - office (at)

Or visit and post on our Facebook page: It would be nice to see you there!

With our very best wishes,

the board of infosyon

Katrina Kirchbaumer

Gerhard Gigler

Silke Hillebrand

Nice Lazpita

Friedlinde Rothgängel




Save the date ...  II. International Academy Meeting
27. and 28. September 2019 - Uni Bremen
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International Conference for Organisational Constellations
 26. - 28.04.2018 in Wiesloch
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