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Newsletter March 2017

Good news - A new offer for members of infosyon

Beginning this year, we are introducing a new concept of a "Free Workshop Day" as an extra advantage to members and as a bonus when you sign up as a member of infosyon.
Members will receive a voucher from infosyon, which is valid for the “Free workshop day” of any of the participating Professionals and Master Trainers, for the workshop which they are offering.On our website you will find a list of infosyon Professionals and Master Trainers who are participating in our new concept.
We would like to thank our members who are participating in this concept and supporting the growth of our community!

infosyon online survey - Your opinion counts! -

We would like to know what you think about organisational constellations and infosyon. By taking this brief survey, you will help us learn more about how to better serve those who could use, or do use constellations in their work with organizations, with the goal of developing this work more broadly in English-speaking countries. It's a quick, mostly multiple choice survey that only takes a few minutes to complete and will have a big impact on the development of the field. For the survey, please use this LINK. Thank You!

Events: Founding of the infosyon Academy

12. - 13.05.2017 – at the University of Bremen

We are pleased to announce that the infosyon Academy will be founded on the 12th of May 2017 at the university of Bremen in Germany.

The academy is planned to be a self-organising network of constellation facilitators, offering infosyon members and experienced facilitators, a platform to reflect and expand their knowledge. The participants can learn, share and deepen their knowledge in joint exchange.
An important aspect of the Academy is the goal to strengthen the contact and collaboration with academic researchers, in order to intensify research and the understanding in the area of constellations. For this reason, the meetings of the infosyon Academy will take place in various universities.
In this founding year of the infosyon Academy, two seminars are planned, where the new format of self-organising professionalization will be implemented. At the moment, these meetings will unfortunately only be held in German but our vision for the future is to organise additional events in English.
All information can be found on our website in German on the flyer >> read more

And where are the kites flying now?

20 years Organisational Constellations an 15 years infosyon - International Conference on Organisational Constellations 26. - 28.04.2018

20 years have passed since the first conference on Organisational Constellations, organised by Dr Gunthard Weber, "The Same Wind Let Many Kites Fly" took place in Wiesloch Germany and it is infosyon’s 15 year anniversary - two good reasons to celebrate.

From the very beginning, the implementation of organisational constellations has been highly differentiated, which is why we would like to glance back. Which approaches have developed, which fields of implementation have developed with which characteristics? Which contexts are set up? Which formats are used?
It is also a time to look forward: In which direction is the method developing and furthermore, what are our visions for the future?

Lectures from Dr. Gunthard Weber, Torsten Groth, Kirsten Nazarjkiewicz, Georg Müller-Christ, Jan Jacob Stam, Matthias Varga von Kibéd.

Workshops with Fung Ah, Friedrich Assländer, Katrina Barry, Guni Baxa, Regine Brick, Diana Drexler, Christine Essen, Guillermo Echegaray, Marianne Franke-Griecksch, Gerhard Gigler, Stefanie Hartung, Judith Hemmings, Klaus Horn, Birgit Theresa Koch, Erdmuthe Kunath, Albrecht Mahr, Georg Müller-Christ, Jane Petersen, Julio Príncipe, Cecillo Regojo, Claude Rosselet, Roswitha Riepl, Ruth Sander, Georg Senoner, Insa Sparrer, Jan Jacob Stam, Gerhard Stey, Gunthard Weber.

A number of the workshops will be held in English. We are looking forward to a stimulating and inspiring exchange and of a lively "Community of Practice!"

Your planning team

Dr. Gunthard Weber, Claude Rosselet, Katrina Barry and Gerhard Gigler

A cooperation between Dr. Gunthard Weber, Claude Rosselet, infosyon e.V., Akademie im Park in collaboration with the Wieslocher Institut für systemische Lösungen (WISL) and the Carl-Auer Akademie, Heidelberg (CAA)

Soon detailed information will be available on our website.

Please note: Annual Assembly

Saturday, 13 May 2017, 14:00 - 16:00 at the University of Bremen

This year’s annual Members Assembly will be held on Saturday 13 May 2017 from 14:00 - 16:00 at the university of Bremen.

Please note that this year is also the year to vote for the Members of the Board. The official invitation will be sent out by email within the few days.

Please let us know if you would like to participate via skype and we will try our best to connect to you.


New members and certifications

We are very happy to welcome the following new members to infosyon:

  • Florentin Abächerli, Switzerland
  • Sigrid Fessel-Walter, Germany
  • Enrique Sacanell Berrueco, Spain

The following person has taken the opportunity of a one year free membership following the successful completion of an infosyon certified training:

  • Miguel Rivero, Uruguay

Welcome to infosyon. We look forward to a successful cooperation!

We would also like to congratulate the following members who have successfully become certified or re-certified:


  • Jimy Gary Calderón Matta, Peru
  • Natalia Spokoinyi, Germany
  • Enrique Sacanell Berrueco, Spain

Master Trainer

  • Natalia Spokoinyi, Germany

Re-certified as Professional

  • Marta Lucía Ocampo Castaño, Spain

Obituary - Bernd Isert

Bernd was a pioneer in the Trainer community, who thought and lived in large spaces and networks. The systemic world has lost a wonderful integrative-thinking person, who captured us with his inquisitive and open character. In a brilliant way, Bernd managed to connect different methods and to connect to people in their wholeness. Through his systemic- network thinking actions, his "Metaforum" became well known, in
many areas of the world. As a visionary and creative thinker, Bernd enriched the world of systemic constellations in Germany, in his summer camp in Italy, in other countries and most of all in his winter camp in Brazil.
Bernd was a member of infosyon. At the last conference in Berlin, we were very pleased when he decided to join us and we were very excited about working together.

On 21 January, 2017 Bernd died after a short, serious illness in Lagos, Nigeria. Bernd: We will miss you as a friend and well respected trainer personality. Your moto and your legacy will live on and will flow into our work, because "solutions can be found everywhere".

Please get in touch ...

Please get in touch with us if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments. We would love to hear from you.

With best wishes

Katrina Barry
Gerhard Gigler
Peter Klein
Nice Lazpita

Friedlinde Rothgängel

Julio Príncipe (co-opted board member)

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