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Newsletter March 2015

Dear members and friends of infosyon,

We are in the midst of  preparations for our

International infosyon conference 2015
"120 years of dream interpretation - the business world needs new dreams"
24. -2 6. July 2015 at the Sigmund-Freud-Universität in Wien

The conference will be versatile, exciting and interdisciplinary and international. There will be a multitude of perspectives and stimulating experiences. More than 20 speakers from business, science and politics will contribute to an extremely varied program.

The countdown for our early bird discount has started! Registration for the early bird discount runs out on 31st May 2015. To register, just use the registration on the Internet or send an email to our office. More details and the program can be found here: program infosyon-members coming from growing countries or countries in need of support get reduced prices. Please contact our office! office(at)

Activities from infosyon network related to the upcoming Conference in Vienna

Focused on the upcoming Congress in Vienna "The World of Economics Needs New Dreams" 24 - 26 July in Vienna, we have planned an interesting pack of activities for our international network in order to go preparing this international event. 

First we will have Virtual Meetings (hangout videoconferences) with some of the keynote speakers. Furthermore, we will have our 2nd Inspiring Days (Infosyon Network Simultaneous Practice Interchanging Resources and Ideas for Nurturing Globally), a local base activity connected globally. And finally, as a part of the Congress on July 25th (15:00 CEST) we will have the International World Café where we will mix presential and virtual participation around a central question.

Virtual Meetings with keynote speakers

  • The first meeting was May 4th. Prof. Felix de Mendelssohn spoke about "Dreams and Innovation" and how to work with social dreaming. See the video recording of this meeting at meeting 1
  • Thursday, May 28th, a meeting with Thomas Gehlert on "Quantum effects in the constellation work". Link: meeting 2
  • Tueday, July 7th, "Systemic approach in politics. Neos, the first systemic party." Link: meeting 3

The Meetings are in English and start at 15:00 CEST (UTC/GMT +2 / check your local time).

2nd Inspiring Days

In the first week of June (1 - 7) we will have our 2nd Inspiring Day. This will be centered around the theme of the Conference "The World of Economics Needs New Dreams". Different nodes around the world will work locally replicating the same activity in different places and then evaluating the results as an action research. We will share these results at the Congress.

Our 2nd inspiring days is taking off: We have already three local nodes convening this event:

  • Brazil (Sao Paolo):                         May 30th
  • Spain (Vitoria-Gasteiz)                  June 5th 10:00- 17:00
  • Peru (Lima):                                   June 6th  9:00 – 13:00

Anyone else wants to take part in this action research? Please join us. As you know our proposal for the program of this local event is this:

  • One activity about "social dreaming" that will be the same for all nodes. In this video Prof. Felix de Mendelssohn explains how to do it: video
  • A second activity about "Quantum effects in the constellation work" that will connect works between nodes. To be explained in next video conference by Thomas Gehlert on May 28th
  • And any other free activity about Which dreams are needs in the Business? To be designed locally.

If you want to host one of this local nodes in your city/country, please contact us. We will provide you with information about the activities proposed in those workshops and support you. Please contact nice.lazpita(at) 

We keep on co creating!

International World Café

As part of the Congress on July 25th (15:00 CEST) there will be an International World Café activity, where we will mix presential and virtual participation around a central question. We will physically set tables in the room, where conference participants can discuss, and a virtual one, where participants worldwide will be able to join by videoconference and to co-creating together.

Video-conference of the General Assembly of infosyon

This time we also will try to provide virtual access by means of a video-conference during the General Assembly of infosyon (16:45), for those members who would like to participate from the distance (Let’s see how it works). 

We will upload further information of these events and links on ,  and on infosyon Facebook page:  

Please check for updates. 

So you can see that we have a full pack of chances to share, learn and co create. Just join us!

Growing Globally – Our network’s activity continues.

Nice Lazpita, Internacionalization (glocalization)

Experimental workshops for Systemic Constellations 2015 started in Ansbach / Germany

The aim of the infosyon Research, Development and Transfer group is to open the method of system constellations to theory and practice, to establish its scientific foundation. Members of the research network of Jürgen Rippel (Ansbach University), Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ, University Bremen) and Ursula Kopp (Vienna University of Economics) are carrying out a series of experimental workshops. Their goal is to expand their findings for the benefit of consultants and their clients, developing templates for a more effective use of the method.

The first workshop with Jürgen Rippel on creativity, intuition and innovation was held on Thursday, 26 March 2015 at the University of Ansbach. read more

Further scheduled workshops include:

Theme: A prototype for the application of management constellations to projects
Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2015; Location: University of Economics in Vienna/ Austria; Registration
: Ursula Kopp

Theme: Working with structure images

Date: Friday, 2 October 2015; Location: University of Bremen; Registration: Georg Müller Christ

Threefold effectiveness - the Heidelberg Study on Systemic Constellations

In the Heidelberg study, 208 subjects were monitored, over a period of three years, to examine the effectiveness of constellations. The focus was on three areas: general psychological well-being, the experience of systems, and individual concerns and goals. The authors J. Weinhold, A. Bornhäuser, Ch. Hunger and J. Schweitzer were able to prove positive and long-lasting effects in all three areas. The study was published in German in 2014 by the Carl-Auer-Verlag. A detailed book review by Ursula Kopp - also in German - can be found on our home page Link

News from the Quality Team

Two ways to Professional Certification

In addition to the previous path of certification to become an infosyon Professional, there will be a new simplified version for people who have successfully completed  training with a Master Trainer following a recognised infosyon curriculum. The new simplified self-assessment form, now reduced to only two pages, is alreadey available on our website. Link


We would like to congratulate our newly certified members:Certified as infosyon-Professionals:

  • Juliana Bohórquez Pinzón
  • Holger Kämmere:

Re-certified as Master-Trainer:

  • Brigitte Sachs Schaffer

Certified Curricula

  • Laura A. Pastorini Fernández
  • Guillermo Echegaray

We congraulate you for your achievement and wish you every success in your future work and with the responsible use of systemic content.


On behalf of the entire board I particularly would like to thank all members of the Quality Team for their time-consuming and important work. We would particularly like to recognise the contribution of Katia del Rivero Vargas from Mexico, who has recently resigned from the team. We are grateful for her contribution over the years. Many thanks also to all of our certified members, who characterize the quality of Systemic Constellations by their work.

Saludos y abrazos a todos!

Gerhard Gigler, infosyon Quality

Dr. Friedrich Assländer, Germany
Cornelia Benesch-Bonenkamp, Brasil
Romy Gerhard, Switzerland

Changes in the office

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year Kerstin Pfaff left us unexpectedly, to take on a new professional challenge. Fortunately we were lucky in finding Jutta Dratwa, a competent office manager. She would like to introduce herself here personally:

"My name is Jutta Dratwa and since mid-January I am your contact person at the office of infosyon. I am married, have two children and live with my family in Bad Hersfeld. In addition, I work part-time at an international company in Bad Homburg. I was looking for another job and found it at infosyon. In general, you can reach me at their current office hours of Monday and Wednesday mornings. I look forward to an exciting and interesting time with and with infosyon. " - Jutta Dratwa

Please note these new opening times of our office!

Service to our members

We are happy to publish your event information and deadlines in our newsletter or on Facebook. Please send your information via email to Jutta Dratwa at office (at)

We look forward to meeting you in person in Vienna!

Greetings from the Board!

Katrina Kirchbaumer
Gerhard Gigler
Silke Hillebrand
Nice Lazpita
Friedlinde Rothgängel
and Peter Klein (cooptet)

You can also visit our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there!