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Newsletter July 2014

In This issue

    •    New members and certifications
    •    News infosyon Research conference
    •    infosyon international network
    •    Events
    •    Important informaton for our members!

We are very happy to welcome our new members

We would like to welcome 5 new members to the infosyom community from 3 different countries. It is wonderful to see how we are growing nationally and internationally.

A warm welcome to
    •    Viktoria Maria Klug - Austria
    •    Jane Peterson PhD - USA
    •    Dr. Sabine von Oesterreich - Germany
    •    Sabine Herdt - Austria
    •    Wiebke Piepkorn - Germany

Congratulations to our newly certified and recertified members

We would like to congratulate our members who have achieved the following certifications:

infosyon Professionals
    •    Adrian Franco Zevada
    •    Peter Schwarzenbacher
    •    Dina Acevedo
    •    Jürgen Reichert

The following members have been successfully recertified as Professionals
    •    Gerhard Stey
    •    Marion Lockert
    •    Thomas Gehlert
    •    Christopher Bodirsky

The following members have received the Master Trainer certification
    •    Romy Gerhard
    •    Julio Principe Portocarrero
    •    Eduardo Tartaglini
    •    Gerhard Stey
    •    Jane Peterson PhD

The following have received the Master Trainer recertification
    •    Dr. Friedrich Assländer
    •    Regine Brick
    •    Dr. Klaus-Peter Horn

Furthermore, the following members have successfully certified their curricula
    •    Maria Carrascal Rueda
    •    Julio Principe Portocarrero

We are very happy that so many members have successfully achieved certification and wish them much success in their work!


infosyon Research Conference

System constellations the next step!
Innovative fields of use in organisations from 14. - 15. November 2014, University of Bremen

The program and workshop discriptions of our research conference are online. Registrations will be accepted using the online registration form. Our office will be pleased to answer any questions which you may have. Please contact us by mail office (at)

This event is in German only. A live link is planned to connect the infosyon network with the conference and the results of the Growing Global initiative will be presented at the conference - more news on this to follow ...

The Programm >> read more

infosyon Network

infosyon Network Project for growing globally is going ahead!!! Do you want to join us?

Some milestones:

  • 7 online global meetings by hangout (we meet the first tuesday of every month).
  • We already celebrated local activities in at least 6 nodes:  Peru, Spain, Mexico (2), Switzerland and China. Others as Uruguay, Brasil, Columbia, Austria, Germany or USA  are willing to start.
  • We also had our 1st inspiring day on May 21st around “What’s systemic?” connecting 4 nodes.

You can find us in:

Next online global meeting will be in July 1st. We want to work on “What do you want infosyon Network to become? What would be useful for you?”, so we need your participation!

There are already some ideas to develop:

  • creating a international onlinesystemic intervision space/group
  • scheduling some topics to works on every meeting
  • ·         …
  • What’s yours??? Please, join us the next online meeting or if not possible send us your ideas/comments

It will be as usual at (local time):
08:00     DF Mexico
08:00     Lima
10:00     Montevideo, Sao Paolo
15:00     Madrid, Vienna, Berlin
21:00     Beijin

Follow this link for the event

You only need to create a google plus profile and join the community. We’ll send you an invitation to the event.

In you need any help or information, contact
Nice Lazpita            nice.lazpita (at)
Asier Gallastegi       asier.gallastegi (at)

infosyon Network support team

infosyon Events

Project group infosyon network  1. Juli 2014, 14:00 GMT - virtuell

Further information >> read more

Events in the infosyon network

VI IOCTI organised by Focosystmico in Uruguay - 2. - 9. November 2014 

Further information here >> read more

An important message for our members!

At the last members meeting in Amsterdam the board was given the task of developing a fee structure which would take into account the various local economic situations. It should be easier for potential members from economically weaker countries to obtain membership and certifications. Using this criteria and with the additional goal of increasing the support of the global growth of infosyon, we developed a new fee structure with a detailed explanation of the goals and initial considerations. Our proposal will be sent out to our members within the next couple of weeks.

We ask you to please participate in this online email vote on the new fee structure. We need your vote as a member of infosyon!

Service for our members

We would be happy to hear about ativities and events in your region and would be happy to publish them on our newsletter or facebook page. Please send the information to Kerstin Pfaff office (at)

Please visit our Facebook page. We look forward to meeting you there!

With best wishes from the board of infosyon

Katrina Kirchbaumer

Gerhard Gigler

Silke Hillebrand

Nice Lazpita

Friedlinde Rothgängel