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Newsletter December 2017

Reminder to register now!
 End of early registration fee 31.12.2017
International Conference 
"And where are the Kites Flying now?"
International Conference on Organisational Constellations 26. - 28. April 2018 in Wiesloch, Germany

We would like to remind you to register and profit from our Early Bird offer which will run out on the 31.12.2017.

This will be your last chance to experience Dr. Gunthard Weber together with
 Prof Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Insa Sparrer, Albrecht Mahr, Jan Jacob Stam, Jane Peterson, Cecilio Regojo and many, many others ...

The first confernce on Organisational Constellations took place over 20 years ago in Wiesloch and now it is time to take stock:
Which methods have developed?
Where does the method stand today?
Who is working with organisational constellations and in which fields?
And in which direction will the method develop?

Information on the Presenters and all other informationen can be found on the Website of the Akademie im Park, where you can also Register.

Please note! As well as our own members, members of our cooperation partners ÖfS, DGfS, SySt-connect and ISCA are additionally entitled to special rates as are infosyon members from growing and developing countries.

Pre-Conference Event

At last we can exchange and share research!

The third infosyon Academy meeting will be held as a pre-conference event on Wednesday, 25.04.2018. This will be a whole-day event with leaders and participants of the academy and is planned to be held in English. The goal of this meeting is to share information on the project groups, learnings and work of the infosyon academy, to the English speaking global community.
If you are interested in the research being carried out at the moment and would like to attend this event, please let us know and book separately.


Special offer for visitors of the conference and the 17th International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions

Good News!!!

infosyon and the organisors of the 17th International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions have decided to give participants who are planning to attend both events a special discount.

You will receive a € 50 reduction on the conference fee and € 100 reduction on the Intensive Workshop which will take place in Kochel south Germany.
We hope that with this offer we can help toward the costs for members coming from abroad. More details on the Intensive can be found here.

We would like to wish you a very peaceful Christmas holiday season and the very best wishes for 2018!

We come to the end of the year and are thankful for what we have been able to achieve.

Preparations for our anniversay conference with Gunthard Weber next spring, are in full swing, our community in South America is becoming more and more established and flourishing and we hosted our first online webinar with Jane Peterson, with the goal to support a North American infosyon community -  more webinars to follow next year!

Our emphasis was to support communication between our members, friends and other associations in order to strengthen the field of systemic constellation work. We hope very much that we have achieved this.

We look forward to continuing in 2018 and we mostly look forward to fruitful exchange with you!

With best wishes

Katrina Barry

Gerhard Gigler

Peter Klein

Julio Príncipe Portocarrero
Friedlinde Rothgängel

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