Free Workshop Day - A new offer for members of infosyon!

Resulting from the innovative work of participants of the 1st infosyon Day in Uruguay last November 2016, we are now introducing a "Free Workshop Day", as an extra benefit to infosyon members.

Members will receive a voucher, which is valid for the "Free workshop day" of their choice, with any of the participating Professionals and Master Trainers, for the workshop or seminar which the Professional or Master Trainer is offering. Each voucher may only be used once.

We would like to thank our members who are participating in this concept and supporting the growth of our community! If you are a Professional or Master Trainer and are interested in joining this initiative, please contact Jutta at the office and she will be pleased to add you to the list office (at)

The list of infosyon Professionals and Master Trainers who are participating in our new concept can be found here >> read more

A heartfelt thank you to our members Cecilio Regojo, Daniel Polack, Julio Príncipe, Laura Pastorini and Nice Lazpita for the idea of implementing this concept!



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Free Workshop Day - A new offer for members of infosyon!


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