infosyon Mission Statement

  • Clear focus on organisations
    - directed to all participating groups -

    - Self-employed organisational consultants
    - Organisation intern consultants and trainers
    - Managers and executive managers
    - People interested in further training
    - Clients of consultants   
    - Co-operational partners and organisations with
      similar areas of interest
  • International – with domestic co-operation. The acquired standards and values are valid worldwide; the network is represented internationally; various co–operations exist with domestic associations; working languages are English and German.
  • All methods and – comprehensive. infosyon represents all constellation methods – "Schools" which have developed methodical offers for organisations as long as these are within the boundaries of the infosyon code of conduct.
  • Systemic-constructivist insight and operational models as the foundation. This has various concrete influences: Consultants who work with organisational constellations (OC) see themselves to be 'facilitators', who provide suitable learning fields, to enable customers and clients to achieve deep and comprehensive knowledge and to furthermore expand their individual options of action. A clear definition of contract, transparency of the course of action and appropriate understanding of function between the client and the facilitator are mandatory. What becomes visual in an OC, is not treated as the  "truth" or "actual information" of the system in question but as additional hints on the existing knowledge of the clients system.
  • Working with SyC in organisations needs comprehensive expertise and personal competence. According to experience the work with SyC in Organisations is made up of many layers, it is a challenging, sensitive area. It is not only necessary to have profound knowledge of the method of constellation work but also consolidated theoretical and practical knowledge of the work in and with organisations. Furthermore, knowledge of specific areas – a systemic constructivist working model as well as personal integrity, and responsibility. This is why infosyon developed quality standards for constellations, facilitators and training.
  • infosyon supports experiments, development, researchers & practical transfer. We particularly believe in the principle of inter-disciplinary R & D, we also support initiatives in this field, also in cooperation with our customers, which lead to the development in research of the fundaments, as the question often arises , "how"  does this method work which is still not clear according to scientific standards.
  • infosyon strives for public acknowledgment of the method and its uses. A method based on the perception of energy is, for the "rational organisational world", something to get used to. The activities for acknowledgement stretch from articles in specialized press, to differentiated PR, well known testimonials and case studies, to infosyon quality seal for certified Professionals, Master Trainers and Training Curricula.
  • SyC should become more and more an "accepted tool". This is the vision and goal of our work. The more we can connect with our approaches, formats, settings, but also 'facilitators' and can still keep the necessary problem and loyalty neutrality, impartiality and distance to the system, the easier it will become an "accepted tool".



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27. and 28. September 2019 - Uni Bremen
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International Conference for Organisational Constellations
 26. - 28.04.2018 in Wiesloch
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