infosyon - Monday, 19. August 2019
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Working with System Constellations in Organisations needs access and methods of work to be capable of connecting to what is there

  1. Organisational constellations have developed their own independent methodical identity.
    First as a "variation" introduced by family constellations, the method, as today used in organisations and working contexts, has developed its own, completely independent identity. Basically it is about a strong content, competence related, verbal and process connection to the world of organisations.

  2. "Constellations" in a broader sense.
    We see "system constellations" as a heading for a wider spectrum of spatially staged methods of low profile analogue representation up to work with representational perception with the team present, in associated and dissociated form, with symbols and people as representatives.

  3. SyC is seen as one of many consultant or management tools. Combinable.
From the very beginning infosyon has been interested in a dialogue with existing organisational methods. Experience confirms this direction: The most successful form for the use of SyC in organisations is the understanding of it being small, but highly efficient, tool in addition to the trusted tools of use.

  4. SyC is interpreted more and more in a specialised way.
    Specialists from various disciplines, e. g. organisational development, strategy, marketing, advertising, project management, HR etc. have developed special formats for these individual areas, which language and contents are close to the established instruments of the disciplines, an so "connect".

  5. SyC is integrated into the process.
    Also this is a Best-Practise experience: The chance that the information gained from a constellation leads to concrete effects increase when the SyC is integrated into the process. This in turn leads to an increased inward shift, into the management level, teams, departments, training and learning groups. The knowledge generated is iteratively processed and fed into the further process.