The infosyon-Quality Team

The new quality team of infosyon - consisting of four members

has been working together over the last few months and we are pleased that the area of quality has an important position in the world of systemic constellations. We are happily working on improving the quality standards, to simplify the formalities and at the same time, to clearly position the widely acknowledged qualifications. In the future there will be a difference made if someone has attended an infosyon certified training, or not. The process of certification will be made significantly easier for people who have taken part in an infosyon certified training.


Dr. Friedrich Assländer

Cornelia Benesch-Bonenkamp

I have been working with systemic constellations for the last 14 years and for the last 6 years with organisational constellations, I come from the area of education and have taken part in numerous further qualification courses: Dialog process, Master in NLP and coaching.
I am responsible for the module systemic thinking in coaching training, I am a trainer for systemic constellations at Metaforum in Brazil and offer training in organisational constellations.

My goal is to make the unconscious conscious, expand perspectives and show opportunities.

cornelia.benesch (at)

Ingala Robl

As daughter of entrepreneurs, the companies of my parents were always part of everyday life and so I started early to be professionally interested in organizations and companies and particularly in family businesses, and specialized in this latter field.

I am a sociologist and have a "master" in Systemic Family Therapy and Systemic Constellation Work. Since 1994 I came in contact here in Mexico with Lorenz Wiest and the work of Bert Hellinger and started to train in the family constellation work with Bert Hellinger which then also spread to organizations .

As "Master Trainer" by infosyon we offer training courses for coaches and family constellators in our institute SOWELU in Mexico City and also in Cancun, and in our consulting firm "Inteligencia Sistemica" we accompany owners of companies and CEO´s so that they can find better solutions for difficult situations and also achieve better financial results.

ingmarob (at)

Romy Gerhard



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