infosyon - Tuesday, 25. June 2019
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And where are the kites flying now?

International Conference for Organisational Constellations
26. - 28.04.2018 in Wiesloch

20 Years Organisational Constellations - 15 years infosyon

In 1998 the pioneering conference "The Same Wind Let Many Kites Fly" took place in Wiesloch, Germany. The kites are flying and organisational constellations are practiced in various settings and with many different approaches. Now, 20 years later it was time to take a look at the different approaches, which fields of implementation have developed with which characteristics? In which contexts are organisational constellations used and with which formats? It is also a time to look forward:  In which direction is the method developing and furthermore, what are our visions for the future?

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