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Target groupThe training is intended specifically for people that have extensive experience working in organizations or in the field of organizational development, such as business owners, stock holders, managers, directors, consultants, human resource managers, trainers, coaches, facilitators, etc. One of the priorities for the training course is to contribute to the development of systemic work in organizations. 

The training is also open to the participation of professionals of other areas of activity, such as, psychologists, therapists, professionals of systemic constellations and for all interested on themes of organizational and personal development, as well as, everybody interested in new and innovative methodologies. In this way, the group of participants will be enriched with the exchange of experiences and a rich mixture of knowledge.
Training conceptThe training is mainly practicing. Participants will have a permanent active role; they will observe themselves, conduct constellations, carry out a lot of exercises and improve their skills. 

They will attend to theoretical principles presentations, they will verify the development of Organizational Constellations and the knowledge they can get with this way of work.  

The participants will observe the trainers practical work and they will practice the art of systemic consulting. They will also conduct / facilitate simple and more complex constellations under the supervision of the trainers. 

With this training, the participants will a unique knowledge witch will give a deeper understanding and experience of these methodology principals and the systemic thinking. The main focus will be on practice, exercises, reflection and integration.

Since the first day, the participants will be invited to be in different roles (facilitator, representant, assistant and client). They will facilitate constellations in small groups, they will conduct small coaching processes, they will learn their systemic vision and they will experience the methodology effects and results. The trainers will continuously supervise the participants to the next step with safe procedures.

In spite of the training main focus is on Organizational Constellations and Systemic Management, there will be other complementary areas, so it will open the mind and make a perfect integration of all the concepts and practice: Corporal Conscience, as well as, Family Constellations. 
Trainer teamCecilio Regojo as main trainer and other specific trainers in the different countries where the training is held.

Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Madrid & Barcelona), Mexico (Mexico City & Guadalajara), Colombia (Bogota), Brasil (Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo)
Number of daysBetween 18 and 22 days with a total of 140 to 180 hours
DurationIt is done in several modules, depending the specifications of each country:

- two modules of 9 days each

- three modules of 6 days each

- nine or more modules of 2 days each

- or other mixed form
PriceVariable depending on duration and in the country that it is held.



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