Formacion en Constelaciones Estructurales y Organizacionales (Training Program in Strutural and Organizational Constellation)


Daniel Polack

Jorge Newbery 1840, Pbaja 3
Buenos Aires 1426

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Target groupFamily Constellators

- Organizational Constellators
- Students of these disciplines (constellations) or those who without having started these disciplines are interested in applying this method in their work in: consulting, couseling, counselors, healing therapies, lawyers, mediators, psychologists, social workers, social leaders, educators, Business managers, SMEs, Human Resources department, executives, managers
Training conceptFirst part (3 first modules): STRUCTURAL CONSTELLATIONS (CE), module 4 its application in teams and organizations, module 5 and 7 Organizational Constellations without the use of CE, module 6 Psychogenealogy in Organizations and Businesses
During the first 4 modules we will work on topics that include fundamental characteristics of language and grammar in Structural Constellations.
• Simulations
• Prototypes
• Transverbal language (which allows you to read the constellation image independently of the topics)
• Tools for conflict resolution
• Formats: Constellation of the problem, Tetralema, Triangle of polarity of values, Constellation of the Quadrant of values, Configuration of 9/12 fields, Excluded Theme.
• The miracle Question , questions of scale, questions of dissimilarity, questions of exception.
• Constellations of people, (constellation towards the goal)
• Organizational structural constellations (groups with specific goals, groups in conflict).
We will work with theory and practice; with own themes of the participants and / or external cases.
Modules 5, 6 and 7 are dedicated to Organizational Constellations without using structural constellation, differences, principles, dynamics in organizations and companies. Psychogenealogy in Organizations and Companies
During all the modules the application will be seen in individual and group cases.
Trainer teamLic Daniel Polack (Infosyon Master Trainner) and Lic Mabel Meschiany
LocationBuenos Aires, Argentina
Number of days7 modules from Friday till Sunday each
Duration144 hours
Price200 Dollars per module



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