Certificación en configuraciones organizacionales y business coaching con círculos reflexivos de co-inspiración


Mag. Ingala Robl
Heriberto Frías 939,
Col. del Valle, C.P. 03100
Cd. de México

Phone    +52-55-55438568
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We are offering a one-year training program for any certified family constellator in order to continue their studies to become "Coach in Organizational Constellations". This program is theoretical and practical, and presents many possibilities to work with problems presented by the students in their own companies or those of their clients with the method of organizational constellations.


Target groupFamily constellators
Training conceptAcquiring theoretical knowledge through a vast bibliography, as well as praxis through the application of OA under the supervision of the trainer, or  experiencing directly the work of the trainer with clients. Reflecting Circles of the different working-teams.
Trainer teamIngala Robl, M.A. (infosyon-certified Master Trainer)
Cathérine Fauconnier & Eurídice Aguirre, Business Coaches, as associated teachers, and an assistant teacher for academic and administrative solutions.

Installations of Centro de Constelaciones Familiares SOWELU, A.C., in Mexico-City

Number of days22 days plus a 1-day workshop with Ingala Robl, a total of 96 hours
DurationOne calendar year, 12 months
PriceMN$ 3,900.00



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 26. - 28.04.2018 in Wiesloch
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