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Certified Training

Working with constellations in organisations should only be carried out by professionals! Furthermore, organisational constellations are an "on-top"- tool; that means, they enlarge the methodical repertoire of an experienced organisational consultant or manager.

The noticeable demand for advanced trainings lead to many suppliers offering "quick courses" or just to extend the general constellation training by an additional "organisation module" or they do not pay attention to the necessary professional background of the prospective trainee.

We recommend that people who are interested in training to have a good look at the offers available.

We can offer the following support:

At a glance for interested participants: Characteristics of good advanced training

infosyon certified Training

Only training courses which fulfill the trainer and concept requirements, according to the infosyon standards for advanced training, may be certified. One can recognize such a curriculum by this official seal.
>> List of infosyon certified Training

Additionally, also a certification of the teacher as "Master Trainer" is possible.
>> List of infosyon certified Master Trainers

You are interested to certify yourself or your courses?