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Echegaray, Guillermo

Calle Castillo de Mayo 38, 1° izq.
E-31004 Pamplona

Phone  +34-48-152843
Mobile  +34-680924116
Fax      +34-48-152843


Professional- and Master-Trainer-Profile
Training and further education Philosophy Ph. D., Clinical and Organizational Psychology, Theologian. Organizational Constellations & Structural Constellations

Work experience

Clinical Psychologist, Systemic Consultant & Coach

Key activities (general) Training, Consultancy, Coaching, Constellations

Use of constellations Personal, Organizational issues


medium to large

Publications "Para Comprender las constelaciones organizacionales" (Verbo Divino, 2008)
"Organisationsaufstellungen, ch 17" (in Weber-Rosselet Hrsg. Carl-Auer 2016)
"Empresas con alma, empresas con futuro" (Pirámide, 2017)

Teaching and speaking activities

Trainings in organizational & structural constellations.
Blended online/live training in organizational constellations and systemic coaching
Languages: spanish, english, french, italian, portuguese