Flying the Kites - International infosyon Conference 26. - 28.04.2013 in Amsterdam

Some workshop impressions

  • We are working with a group of family companies in a rural area of 'deep Uruguay', working with their issues and problems as a whole, integrating the social (territorial development), the anthropological (communities and local culture values), the psychological (family) and the organizational development with the constellation work. (Laura Pastorini, Cecilia Rado and Andrea Caribe from Uruguay)

  • Integrate responsibility and awareness into economic solutions.
    Systemic work to help to reconsider economy as a tool for more humanity in our global approaches. (Njezna and Vlado Illich, Serbia)

  • How the municipality of Swandon created a culture of systemic thinking by multiple interventions during some years. The art of finding the right intervention. (Judith Hemming, Terry Ingham and two project leaders from Swandon, UK)

  • Knowing Cities: The knowing Field and the Emergence of Integral City Wellbeing. 'We know much about the capacities and limitations of cities, but we need to wake up the city to her "knowing capacities" as a living system'. They will work with one of the Dutch cities like Amsterdam or Almere. (Marilyn Hamilton and Diana Claire Douglas, Canada)

  • Politics in Space. How to work with constellations to explore and handle 'political’'questions in a local or larger community? (Ruth Sander, Germany)

  • Finding new openings in cold cases. Recently the police, with the use of a constellation, found new clues that helped to finally find and arrest a criminal. This police-inspector offered to be the guest client in this workshop. (Claes-Berend van der Kolk, the Netherlands)

  • Organizational Culture. Using Spiral Dynamics Constellations to aces the present culture of a company and find interventions for a next step in development of the company-culture. (Rolf Lutterbeck, Germany)

  • Branding from a Systemic Perspective. What ís a brand, from a systemic perspective. How does it relate to the identity of a company? Can a country have a brand? A customer from a coffee company will be the guest client. (Ulrich Cremer, Germany)

  • The organization as a body. A useful image of an organization is that of an organism with a nerve system made up of the embodied interactions of the individuals in the organization. The collective intelligence of this organization must be carried and enacted by those in physical form. (Jane Peterson, USA)

  • Strategy development and scenario planning. (Veerle Maes and Johan Lavrysen, Belgium)

  • Health management in companies and organizations. (Jürgen Reichert, Germany)

And many more …

There have also been many proposals focussing on the method of constellations.
We decided to have one round of shorter workshops to give this focus, all though not being the main focus of the conference, a place.

For example:

  • Constellations as management tool in Planning, Organization, Coordination etc. (Friedrich Assländer, Germany)
  • Consultant-customer relation and digital media: Contradiction or Compliment? The use of systemic apps. (Christoph Papst, Germany)
  • From Mental awareness to Field Awareness and back (Friedrich Assländer, Germany)
  • From Coaching to constellation and back. (John Wittington, UK)
  • Theory U and systemic work. (Hein Dijksterhuis, the Netherlands)
  • How to create a field? (Georg Senoner and Jean-Paul Resseguier, Italy and France)

More information about these workshops will appear on the website of the Bert Hellinger Instituut Nederland.


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