Robl, Ingala

Heriberto Frias 939
Col. del Valle, C. P. 03100
Mexico, D. F.

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"For me, Organizational Configurations are an efficient method to produce realistic results, especially to accompany large and small companies in Latin America. Through this method they will gain new insights for their various fields of work, their strengths will be highlighted and they will be able to make the necessary changes that arise."


Professional and Master Trainer Profile

Training and further education

We offer a one-year training for family constellators to become organizational configurators. Its academic curriculum has been certified by infosyon






Work experience

See the work profile I have sent you

Key activities (general)

Organizational Constellations in group work. We are often called to establish a diagnosis of OA for companies, institutions and government offices. As a team we go into the company, both with OA as well as coaching and with the work of Humberto Maturana (leadership, ethics, etc.)
We have founded our UniversityCentre for a "Masters in Systemic Solutions for Social Systems"






Use of constellations

Both in individual sessions for CEOs, directors and company owners, as well as courses for all operative personnel and in "open workshops" for the solution of problems in organizations







Private companies, family businesses, German businesses in Mexico, government institutions and other organizations







Articles in journals, participation in television programs.
Teaching and Lecturing. Director of Centro de Constelaciones Familiares & the Consulting Firm "Inteligencia Sistémica SOWELU"






Teaching and speaking activities











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